10 Minute Heart-Shaped Sweater Pillow


I love all of the awesome items made out of sweaters that I have been seeing all over Pinterest lately.  So, when I recently found this red, cotton cable knit sweater at a local thrift store for the right price (as many items as you can shove in a bag for $2),  I knew that I had to get it, even though it had a huge hole on the neckline:


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so I figured that this sweater would make a perfect heart shaped pillow.  Since it has buttons down the front, I knew that it would be a super quick, super easy project.  You will see why, in a minute.

First, I made a pattern.  Needing a bigger piece of paper, I just pieced together a couple of pieces of paper.  Remember 1st grade heart-cutting lessons?  Yep, it was that simple.  Next, I pinned the heart pattern on my sweater and cut around it.


After flipping the right sides together, I quickly pinned them and sewed completely around the heart.  This is where having buttons comes in handy.  No need to leave an opening for stuffing and then hand stitching it closed… just unbutton to stuff and re-button to close it up.


Once I finished sewing, I just unbuttoned it and turned it right side out.  For stuffing, I cut open an old pillow insert and transferred handfuls of the fluffy white to my heart and buttoned it up when it was full enough.


Seriously…DONE.  Easy as can be!


Sweater shopping, anyone?


3 thoughts on “10 Minute Heart-Shaped Sweater Pillow

  1. Adorable! I am soooooo doing this! I need a couple pillows for my guest rooms – as I do them up for every holiday, just in case someone should come and stay with me. I needed a good valentine project.
    I sure miss you guys. No one has called to come stay with us. I guess people don’t think we are serious. But we are! The biggest Home and garden show is this weekend – We are going! I’m so excited! I wish you were here to come with us! Love you! Patrice

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    • Well, of course you decorate your guest rooms for the holidays. You amaze me! I would love to come be a guest again. I want to see pics if you end up making heart pillows. Seriously simple!


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