Paper Bag Turkey


This is an uber-quick Thanksgiving post because I know that turkeys will be going in ovens really soon.  I just wanted to share an idea with you  that a friend shared with me years ago and I have used many times since.  The idea might seem a bit radical, but is incredibly simple:  Bake your turkey inside of a brown paper grocery bag.  Crazy, huh?

Rather than having to re-invent the wheel, I will just share this link so you can see the process.

I would highly…highly, HIGHLY recommend using this method for roasting your Thanksgiving turkey.  A paper bag roasted turkey is extra juicy, extra yummy.  Often the turkey just falls right off of the bones.  Let’s not forget that the bulk of the mess is contained in the bag.  Easier cleanup on Thanksgiving?  That’s a huge bonus, wouldn’t you agree?

So, bag that turkey!  You (and your guests!) will be glad you did!


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Roses and Rust Vintage Market 2015

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend Roses and Rust Vintage Market in nearby Anderson, CA and it….was….awesome!  I had a friend come visit me from out of town to attend this event and we loved every minute of it.  I’ve got pics to share with you!


My favorite booth is just inside the gate and belongs to Liz and Randy Foster.  They are so kind and helpful and their booth is full of old ceiling tins and all kinds of wonderful items created from the ceiling tins and moldings.  See?


Just looking at the pictures makes my mouth water.  Amazing stuff!


Click here to see their Flikr account, which has oodles of great pics of their tins and some items that they have crafted with them.  Dreamy!

My next stop was a booth that had tons of hardware for doors, cabinets and drawers.  Lots and lots of bins to go through.



Yeah, my pics are a bit blurry, but you get the idea.  The place was hopping with people and I had to snap pics as quickly as there was a break in the crowds.

I parked myself in front of a bin that had goodies priced 3 for $1.  I sorted and searched and my hands got absolutely filthy, but just look and see what $10 bought!


This tub-turned-planter was pretty interesting.  We surmised that it had a backrest, armrests and a place for the bather’s legs to hang out.  Makes me love my garden tub (which I very rarely use) all the more.


We spent some time sampling some amazing jams and jellies.  My favorite, oddly enough, was Horseradish Jam.  Weird!  I don’t usually even like horseradish. These were the jars that I took home:


This little sign cracked me up!


As we drove away, we started planning to attend Rust and Roses’ Spring show in April.  And of course we will be back next Fall as well.  If you happen to be in Northern California, I would totally recommend it.  If not, you should at least check out the picture gallery on their website to see what you are missing.


Let me know if you plan to attend!


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Truly Green Smoothie

I don’t know what it is like where you live, but it is hot, hot, hot here right now!  Seriously HOT!  It is not quite noon and it’s already 108 degrees with a forecast of 115.  Did I mention that it is hot?

Just for fun, I thought that I would share how I make our super healthy green breakfast smoothie.  My hubby and I drink it nearly every morning.  I love that it is such a quick, easy, over-the-top HEALTHY breakfast.


I call this a Truly Green Smoothie because it has lots and lots of greens in it.  Lots.  I have looked at several green smoothie recipes before that include a small handful of spinach or other salad greens.  Not ours.  Ours has lots and lots of greens.  Did I already mention that?  Before I get too far ahead of myself, here are the ingredients that get smoothied out at our house:


Some of these ingredients might seem a bit out of place, but each has a purpose:

Chia seeds:


Known as a superfood, these little seeds add Omega-3, protein, antioxidants and fiber.   I sprinkle them on top of 2 1/2-3 cups of water as the base of our smoothie and then add lots and lots of greens:


Did you know that you can freeze salad greens?  I used to keep them in the fridge and after a few days of smoothie/salad making the huge Costco bag of greens would get all slimy and I would have to sort and rewash before adding.  Huge pain.  I did some research and found that you can freeze greens.  I never have to sort now.  The texture of those frozen leaves is just awesome, just make sure that you quickly return them to the freezer because they thaw out quickly.  We get the Superfood Power Greens mix with Chard, Kale and Spinach at Costco.  I grab handfuls and handfuls and smash it down as I add.  It is a green smoothie, after all.

Next, come the berries:


We buy the Costco frozen mix that has raspberries, blueberries and blackberries as well as frozen strawberries.  These add yummy flavor, vitamins and lots of fiber.  I’ll admit that you have to kind of chew your smoothie if you add too much of the raspberry, blueberry and blackberry mix.   I like to add more strawberries to avoid excessive seeds.  A word of advice: check the mirror before leaving the house to avoid sharing a disgusting smile.  Been there, done that.

After blending those ingredients (adding more water if needed), and keeping the blender running,  I add the next three ingredients.  First, a couple of teaspoons of sugar-free orange flavored psyllium aka Metamucil.


I know, I know.  Actually this adds some flavor (to help cover up the handfuls of greens).  Psyllium actually has more value than helping with regularity:  it helps lower cholesterol and maintain healthy blood sugar level.  Don’t forget that those 2 spoonfuls are for 2-3 servings.

Next comes baking soda.  What?  You don’t put baking soda in your smoothie?


There is all kinds of info out there about the benefits of having an alkaline body.  Some might be hype, but just for the heck of it, I add a tiny bit of baking soda to our smoothie.  You can’t taste it.

Lastly, I add this:


The tiniest squirt of water flavor enhancer (Crystal Light in this case) adds just enough flavor to overcome the last of the greens taste.  It is my secret ingredient.  I don’t think that the flavor even matters.  My hubby doesn’t use this when he makes our smoothies and I just think mine taste better because of this little flavor addition.

Ta-dah!  Our truly green smoothie:


Alright, I’ll admit that the red berries mixed with the greens actually make this more of an Olive green color.  I would have said “Puce” but decided to Bing it to be sure.  Did you know that “Puce” is actually a shade of pink?  Who knew?

Yep…my hubby and I start our mornings off with this lovely Olive concoction and it keeps us going strong all morning long. My hubby drinks the ultra-large blue cup size and I go for the smaller glass.  I imagine that our bodies are smiling on the inside because of the healthy, healthy stuff going in.  Keeps me smiling on the outside, too…just as soon as I check the mirror and pick out the seeds! 


Bottoms up!

What do you put in your smoothie?


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