Paper Bag Turkey


This is an uber-quick Thanksgiving post because I know that turkeys will be going in ovens really soon.  I just wanted to share an idea with you  that a friend shared with me years ago and I have used many times since.  The idea might seem a bit radical, but is incredibly simple:  Bake your turkey inside of a brown paper grocery bag.  Crazy, huh?

Rather than having to re-invent the wheel, I will just share this link so you can see the process.

I would highly…highly, HIGHLY recommend using this method for roasting your Thanksgiving turkey.  A paper bag roasted turkey is extra juicy, extra yummy.  Often the turkey just falls right off of the bones.  Let’s not forget that the bulk of the mess is contained in the bag.  Easier cleanup on Thanksgiving?  That’s a huge bonus, wouldn’t you agree?

So, bag that turkey!  You (and your guests!) will be glad you did!


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