Kicking It Up a Notch: A Cabinet Re-do Using Kick Plates


Don’t you just LOVE this old cabinet?



It’s an old redwood cabinet that is solid as a rock and weighs about as much as my car.  It stands about 7 feet tall and 5 feet wide and, since my house doesn’t have a pantry, currently serves that purpose.  This thing holds a full metric ton of stuff, I swear.  Maybe more.  Problem was, it looked beat up and had few too many holes and no real door pulls to speak of.  See?


I figured out that I would have to spackle and fill until the cows came home until I happened upon a solution in my local Lowe’s hardware store:

Gatehouse 3.5-in x 15-in Aluminum Aluminum Entry Door Push Plate
Gatehouse 3.5-in x 15-in Aluminum Aluminum Entry Door Push Plate

Are you thinking what I was thinking?  Genius, right?  I bought 2 of these for $7.27 each and headed down to the cabinet pulls and knobs aisle and picked up some nice big, pulls.  With some basic tools like a power drill/driver, and about 30 minutes of my time, this is what I got:


Oh, yeah.  Did I forget to mention that I painted the piece before installing the hardware?   The color is really similar to the original shade of gray.  I basically mixed several latex paint colors that I already had until I said, “Yep, that’s it” and slapped it on.  Seriously.  If you think that painting is hard and time consuming…you…are…wrong.  Sorry, I hope that wasn’t too harsh.  This piece took me maybe 30 minutes total painting time (not counting drying time) to paint.  It is not rocket science.  Easy-peasy, puddin’ and pie.  This is an old piece so I didn’t want it to look new.  I think the dents and cracks and area where the chunks of wood just splintered off add character.

So, whaddya think?  I must say that I love it!  It still fulfills the same purpose, but with a heck of a lot more style.


So, is your mind reeling with ideas of how to use Kick Plates in your home?  What about adding them to some dresser drawers?  Maybe even an actual door?  These babies come in several sizes and finishes.  What about lining up two or three of them, mounting them on the wall and making a magnet message board (just make sure the particular finish you use is magnetic),  or one per child for hanging their artwork?

Why don’t you take a trip to your local hardware store.  You never know what treasures might be found there.


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Let’s do a dry run here…

Have you ever thought about the phrase, “dry run” before?  As I titled this post, I instinctively wrote that phrase and then wondered to myself, “What in the heck does that mean?”.  I even had to Google it to make sure it was a real phrase and not just a figment of my imagination.  Here’s the definition that I found, “a rehearsal of a performance or procedure before the real one”.  Yep!  That’s exactly what I meant!

So, today I will do a dry run of what I hope this blog evolves into.  As I mentioned in my first post, I would love to get to the point that I actually have people who read my blog with the intent of helping other Armchair Decorators.  I want to be able to posts pics requesting help with my own decorating questions and dilemmas and have readers comment back with their suggestions.  Sounds pretty selfish of me if I were to stop right there, huh?  But wait, that’s not all… I also want my readers to post pics of their questions and dilemmas.  See, I’m not so self-centered after all.

Dry Run drum roll, please…….


Here is a chair that I bought at a yard sale for $3 (!) a couple of months ago.  It has been sitting in my garage, waiting for me to do something amazing with it.  Usually I am the first person to slap paint on any wood around, but for some reason, with this chair I might even consider keeping the (walnut?) wood.  No promises, though.  Anyway…


…this is where I plan to put it, kind of kiddie-corner in the, uhh, corner.  Yep, it will block a little bit of my (most attractive- doesn’t everyone want them) mirrored closet door.  That’s ok.  Five days a week I get up at 0′ Dark-Fifteen when my hubby is still sleeping.  To avoid waking him up, I pick out my outfit each night so it is ready and I don’t have to think in the morning.  Right now I put my outfit in a nice pile right there, on the floor, so I would love to have that chair… right there. Keep in mind that this brownish paint will someday be covered with a nice, light gray paint.  What will look good now, plus then?

Here are the fabric choices that I am considering.


So, what do you think?  Which would you choose?  Should I paint the wood or just wax it?

I really wish this wasn’t a dry run, because I could really use your advice.  If you happen upon this post, please respond!  (I will show “after” pics when it is done.)

So, what décor dilemmas are lurking in your Home? /