The Chair…Part 2.

Looking at my title, it seems more like the title of some horror movie than a title for a DIY post.  Trust me, there is no reason to be scared.  You are among friends.  Remember this post where I showed you my next project, a really awesome wood chair?  I asked for help in deciding whether or not to paint it and also showed some fabric choices and some of you responded.  You have NO idea how that made me feel since my blog was only 2 days old at that time and I had only sent Facebook invites that very day.  Let me tell you, I was celebrating in my seat!  Hmmm…I digress.  An…y…way, my Mother-in-law suggested that I pair the fabrics with the chair to see what I really like.  She is so smart!  So, with out further adieu…


What do YOU think?  I have a pretty good idea now of what I like the best, but I would love YOUR input.  Which is YOUR favorite fabric?  Also, to paint, or not to paint… that is the (other) question.  Make your own decision…ask your family…run across the street and ask your neighbor (is that asking too much?)… and then, please, let me know.  Until then, my chair will look like this: