Amazing Find: Antique White Brand Sewing Machine and Cabinet

Can I just say….WOW!  Look what I just got for 50 smackeroos!  This cabinet!


Take a moment and adore it with me.  Aaaahhh.  Ohhhh.  OK, that’s enough.  Thanks!


I was in our local small town, tiny thrift shop the other day and saw this baby.  She was opened up with all kinds of misc. junk displayed all over the table top.  Hard to even see it for all of the junk on it.  But… then I stepped back and saw the details and was whooped.  Price tag said $100, but everything in the store was 50% off that day.  So, like a dummy, I left the store.  Dum-mm-y.  The whole drive home I thought that I should turn around and go get it, but I didn’t.  Once at home, I agonized about driving back the 10 minutes to go get it until it was just too much to take.  I grabbed my 14 year old, bribed her to go inside a thrift store with me and hustled back down there.

As soon as we walked into the store, we headed right to the machine and started removing all of the junk from it and another lady came up and started checking it out.  I subtlety hinted that it was mine and she graciously backed away… for a minute.  She then kept coming back, cursing herself for not nabbing it sooner.  She even went and got her husband to come and look at it, all the while making sure that I was indeed going to buy it.  Now, it is not in my nature to be mean, at all, but I was not about to walk away from this find again.  Poor lady.  I really do feel bad for her.  She was 15 seconds too late to buy this:


Check this out:


…you use your knee instead of a foot petal.  Really…how cool is that?  Want to see how easy it is to stow the sewing machine away?


You just lift up and close the extended side table and it disappears into the cabinet.   I really hope that this post doesn’t sound all braggy.  I am just super excited and thought that I would share.

Now, the Million Dollar Question:  Should I leave it as is or paint it.  I know that some people (my husband and my dad included) would want to slap me silly (in a non-violent way!) for even thinking of painting this antique.  I tend to prefer painted wood over non-painted.  It’s just me.  Ask my hubby.  He will go on and on about how I painted over his 8″ oak trim molding that he planed to perfection and made a decorative edge with his router.  I will go on and on about how much better it looks painted white.  I painted that and just about every other bit of molding, trim, wood ceilings, etc., etc., etc. in our old house.  Totally improved the place.  My opinion.  But look at these examples:

See what I mean?  Hard decision.


So….what would YOU do?  Leave it or paint it?