So…what exactly is an Armchair Decorator?

An Armchair Decorator's World
An Armchair Decorator’s World

Armchair Decorator… yep, it’s an official title.  Coined by me.  At least I think so.  You might be wondering, “What the heck is an Armchair Decorator?” So glad you asked!

I think that there are thousands and thousands of us Armchair Decorators out there. We just didn’t know what to call ourselves. We aren’t certified interior decorators with certificates on our walls or initials after our names, but we have a knack for making things look nice.  One thing that an Armchair Decorator is NOT is the equivalent of a couch potato. Quite the opposite, in fact. Far, far across the street, down the road and around the corner…opposite.

What an Armchair Decorator is NOT!
What an Armchair Decorator is NOT!

OK, now that we have established that, here are some other things that us Armchair Decorators have in common:

* We are creative, always thinking of how we can improve our homes aesthetically and organizationally.
* We seek out ideas on blogs, Pinterest, magazines, catalogs, books, HGTV, and other people’s houses.
* We are probably busier than most people because we don’t just hang out in our comfy chairs, we get out there and  get…it…done.
* We don’t just find great ideas, we bring them to life. We re-do, build, improve and spice it up.
* In fact, we don’t subscribe to catalogs to buy their stuff. We get them so we can copy their ideas.
* Our friends are always asking for advice and help in their homes.

WOW… looking at this list makes me realize just how AWESOME we are. So, if this list describes you, congratulations! You now have an (un)official title! Now, go make yourself a really great certificate, using a really great font and run down to your local thrift store and get a really great frame that you can paint to match your really great home. You will have that (un)official Armchair Decorator framed and hanging in no time flat. That’s just what we do.

Welcome to

I’m so glad you have stopped by.  Please grab a chair and get comfy!

I have been toying with the idea of creating a blog for a very long time now.   I have pinned and studied up on blogging hints, tips, why’s, how’s, do’s and don’ts… for long enough.  I have finally decided to dive in.  Splash!  Please be patient with me, I’m new to this.  I will need water wings for a bit until I get my sea legs.  Promise to hang in there with me?  Maybe call the lifeguard if I need help?

If you go to my Pinterest account,, you can see just how much I love everything decorating.  I’m no computer specialist, but I must admit that I rock at Pinterest.  Seriously.  Rock…at Pinterest.  But really, who doesn’t rock at Pinterest.  How genius is Pinterest?  I used to love decorating magazines.  I subscribed to them.  My mother-in-law gave me hers after she finished reading them.  I would look for them at thrift stores and garage sales.  To be honest, I didn’t necessarily read those magazines.  I would (very quickly) scan through them, tear out pages that I liked and then file them away in my very organized files.  Come to think of it, it was kind of a precursor to my Pinterest addiction.  Pinterest is so much easier.  And less messy.  And cheaper.  And less time consuming.  OK, maybe not less time consuming, but so much more fun.

Seriously, did you go to my Pinterest account?  I’ll wait.

So, back to my blog.  What is my grand plan for it?  Well, I have a couple of plans to be honest.  First, to document my own projects, makeovers, before and afters, accomplishments, you know the drill.  But, and this is a big but, (I like big buts and I cannot lie) I want my (eventual) readers to be my helpers.  My own personal decorator…helper….friends.  The other day, I was thinking over a decorating dilemma in my home and thought to myself how awesome it would be to be able to take a picture of this dilemma, post it online and have decorators give me ideas of how to remedy it.  I thought of all of the armchair (like me!) decorators out there and thought that we can all help each other.  Eventually, (hopefully soon- remember my sea legs),  I want my readers to be able to post pics of their decorating dilemmas, their “it needs something more’s”, their “look what I did’s!”.  I would like to think of this blog as being one big living room with a bazillion comfy chairs and us all helping each other out.  Wanna come?