10 Minute Tidy: Unpack That Suitcase!

Got 10 minutes unpack that suitcase

What is your least favorite part of a vacation or overnight trip?  My least favorite part- hands down- is unpacking my stuff.  Are you with me here?  That suitcase that I was eager to pack up before the trip began has been reduced to the stuff that I have to put away.  Fun is over…work begins.  Am I right?  Or am I right?  OR, am I right?

Unpacked open suitcase

I’ll admit that this is not the way my suitcase looked the first night I brought it home.  Nope.  It look, well, less full.  I immediately pulled out the laundry bag filled with my dirty clothes and that nearly emptied my bag.  If I would have finished unpacking my bag that night, like I usually do when I get home from a trip, this could have been a 3 minute tidy post.  Obviously THAT did not happen.  This time my suitcase sat on the floor in the corner of my bedroom for about a week and, although I don’t normally allow myself to leave piles around my bedroom, several times during the week I lifted that suitcase lid, laid clothes that I should have just put away on top and then closed the lid.  Not exactly covert.

Thinking that this would be a perfect 10 Minute Tidy Tuesday challenge I decided to take it on.  Just like that dreaded “monster under the bed” that seems larger than life, my unpacking chore seemed unrealistically big, but you know what?  It really wasn’t.  To be honest, I set my stopwatch to show just how much time it actually took to unpack my bag and several hours later I realized that my stopwatch was still going.  Hmmm.  Let’s just say that this project can easily be labeled a 10 minute or less project.

Empty suitcase

Dun, dun, Done!  Easy peasy! Lesson learned: don’t put off for tomorrow (or next week!) what you can do today.

Have you recently returned from a trip?  Go unpack that suitcase!  You’ll be glad you did.


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