Dinner in 5 Minutes. Maybe 6.

I have never blogged about food stuff before.  I love to eat just as much as the next guy (or gal), but this is a decorating/crafting blog, right?   Well, decorators and crafters need to eat too, so here goes…

Dinner in 5

I had no idea what to fix for dinner tonight.  Zero.  Nada.  None.   I found this little package in my freezer…


…and a dinner idea was born.  Vegetarian tacos.  We are not vegetarians around here, but we do like our veggies and we love Mexican food.  LoVe iT!   We always have all of the fixings on hand.

The veggies took about 5 minutes to cook. OK, maybe 6.  While they cooked I fried the tortillas, 2 at a time on our electric griddle


As I waited for each to cook, I shredded the lettuce, cut open an avocado and pulled everything else out of the fridge.   By the time the microwave beeped, dinner was ready.


Let me tell you, it was delicious!  We loved the different textures of the beans and veggies.  Just a tiny bit of kick, unless you add salsa and Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce.  Mine was spicy.  Just the way I like it!

Here are the nutritional facts from the bag:


I wish that I had thought to get pictures of the finished tacos, but we pigged them down just as fast as it took to make them.  This was not a night to sit and have pleasant family discussion.  Hubby had things to do before darkness set in.   We basically scarfed in silence.

There you have it.  Dinner in 5 minutes…maybe 6.  Pretty extraordinary, if you ask me.

I wonder if my family would notice if I tried to pull off this quickie meal again tomorrow night!  (Wink!)

So, what speedy meals do you fix when time is short?


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12 thoughts on “Dinner in 5 Minutes. Maybe 6.

  1. Mom”s 15 Minute Chili

    Fry 1 pound hamburger and an onion
    Dump in 4 cans of kidney beans (or any other kind)
    Dump in a can of chopped tomatoes
    Add chili powder

    Serve with sour cream and shredded cheese if you want!
    (And if you’re like me, you will have to microwave/thaw the hamburger first!)

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  2. Sounds super quick and easy! And yum! I have been buying the canned chili lately, but looking at your quickie recipe, I think I will make it that way instead! Throw in a can of tomato sauce and some corn, then put tortilla chips in your bowl and it is taco soup. Thanks, Donna!


  3. This sound great………..we aren’t vegetarians either, but we like all the ingredients and love Mexican
    food too, so works for me. Will have to looks for those veggies next time I go to the store.

    My quick go to is a Taco Bell Package that has hard taco shells and flour tortillos and a cheese packet and
    taco seasoning packet. (don’t use the taco seasoning) I use shredded rotisserie chicken. Our local Publix
    supermarket put them on a buy one get one free sale fairly often, so that makes it real easy.

    Then you just heat the flour tortillos with a damp paper towel over the top for about 15 secs., spread the cheese on top (remove the paper towel of course. lol) out of the cheese packet, it’s a liquid cheese, then put your taco shells on top of that, then fill them with chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, scallions, sour cream,
    guacamole and cilantro………….yummo, makes a nice quick and easy but delicious and filling dinner, and the flour tortillo keeps the taco all together if it should break. We actually break our tacos in two when we put it on top of the cheese covered flour tortillo, that way you can fill it more! lol

    Thanks for sharing your easy recipe, will sure be trying it soon, if I can find that veggie mix.

    Blessings, Nellie

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