Peacock Blue Furniture Re-Do


If you are anything like me, you love a deal.  Am I right?  Of course I am!  Lowes recently had their paint samples on sale for $.99 so I snagged a few for a project that I have been itching to do for a long time.  Did you know that they can custom make any color in the 8 oz. sample size?  How amazingly cool is that?

Do you like the color Peacock Blue?  I do, I Do, I DO!  What exactly is peacock blue?  Well, it isn’t teal or navy…it is something in between.   Lately, I have been drooling over blue painted furniture.  Check out this beautiful leggy table from Create Inspire


…and this awesome distressed peacock  blue cabinet (isn’t that stenciled wall amazing?!)

peacock blue cabinet

…what about this stunning and black dresser (swoon!)


… and this glossy dresser


They are all amazing, don’t you think?

I have been craving me some peacock blue and guess what?  I got some!   Here’s a peek:

Olympic Celestial Blue Paint

This is what I started with:

Before: Black stereo cabinet

It’s an old stereo cabinet that I painted black years ago, but it was pretty beat up looking.  Ugly!  Before painting the whole thing, I had to decide which of my paint samples I was going to use:

Blue paint sample colors

I chose Blue #3 which is Olympic One Celestial Blue.

Those of you who haven’t painted furniture before might think that it is a big undertaking to paint a piece furniture, but…it’s…not!  This project took me no more than 90 minutes start to finish, including drying time.  Less than two measly hours!  And, the coolest part was that I was able to get 2 coats of paint from one little $.99 paint sample with paint left over.   Even if you had to pay full price for the sample, $3.48, that is a killer deal for a “new” piece of furniture.  And, trust me, it does seem like we have a new piece of furniture.  Check it out:

Peacock Blue Cabinet Re-Do

Let me just say that it is really hard to photograph this color accurately in my dining room.  In real life, it is the perfect peacock blue.

You may recognize those door pulls from my haul that I got at the Roses and Rust Vintage Market in Redding, CA last year:

Various furniture hardware

They were 3 for $1!  What a deal!  What a steal!  I guess that if I were being realistic, I would tack that extra $.66 on my title, but I’m not going to.

Are you craving some peacock blue, too?  Grab a paint sample, pick a piece of furniture and do a re-do, too!

Peacock Blue painted cabinet


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15 thoughts on “Peacock Blue Furniture Re-Do

  1. LOVE IT!!! I can’t wait to see it in person. I am on day two in painting my front room. I didn’t realize how big it is. I figured since it only has one real wall, since one side is an entry to the room, one wall has a big opening to the formal dining room, and one wall is mostly windows…but sheesh! I do use an artist brush to paint around mouldings…so that might explain why it takes so long. It has a tray ceiling. So I did the walls one day, bought another gallon and did the angle going up to the ceiling today, and went around the room at different times during the day to find the places I missed. I decided to go with “Vanilla Mocha” which contrasts beautifully with the white shutters. Very neutral, It somehow transitions & goes with my two new matching orange fake leather arm chairs. That’s right! ORANGE! I love them!!! ( both chairs for under $490.00) My gray couch with white piping, and I bought a new rug, which is kinda shaggy, charcoal, a lighter gray and big cream graphic tulips and vines. I love it!!!! Painting the room is making a huge difference.Right now the table I have between them is the table that I bought at Roses and Rust last year…the one with the different colored yardsticks, but that will change as soon as I find the right end table to paint peacock blue!!! I will post on facebook the finished room, once I get it done. It has taken 2 years living in this house to finally get furniture for the front room, but….I wanted to get it right. I love the stereo cabinet you painted! Unbelievable difference. Nice! See you soon!


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    • Thanks for your kind words. I’m really loving this blue color and seriously get tempted to paint everything blue now. I will make sure to link up at your party…thanks so much for the invite!


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