10 Minute Tidy: Scrub That Brush!

Cover Pic Scrub Brush

My kitchen sink just wouldn’t be complete without it…a scrub brush, that is.  I used to go through these babies like crazy until I got this little number from Ikea for $.50.  Fifty cents!!!  This brush has nine lives, I swear.  It’s sturdy bristles have been standing straight and tall for months and months.

Dirty Scrub Brush

Yeah, it is a bit gross.  Dirty.  DisGusting!   I used to throw my kitchen scrub brushes in the dishwasher but that doesn’t always get them clean.  I found a little tool that cleans small places like a whiz:  Pipe Cleaners.  I had to raid my kid’s craft supplies to get one, but it has been used for months and, like my Ikea scrub brush, holds up like a charm.

A simple, quick rubbing on the plastic base, in both directions, does the trick.   A little squirt of bleach or some other germ killer gets rid of the junk that you can’t see.

There you go, good as new!

Clean scrub brush

Pipe cleaners also come in handy when it comes to cleaning those sturdy reusable straws that are so hard to wash.  I used to refuse to allow my kids to keep them: you know those bendy straws that all kids love?   Now that I know how to clean them, I have a stash of them (non-bendy) that I use to drink my green smoothies with.  Sorry kids!

So, what is your kitchen scrub brush looking like right now?  Don’t toss it!   Grab a pipe cleaner and tidy that brush!  I know you’ll be glad you did.


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10 thoughts on “10 Minute Tidy: Scrub That Brush!

    • Why, thank you! Yep, I have been using pipe cleaners a lot these days. Actually, I just use the same one over and over. Who knew that it could be such a handy little tool! Thanks for checking out my little blog!


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