Autumn Colors: Peacock and Pumpkin

Peacock and Orange2

As of last month, I have a new favorite fall color combination:


I came across it by fluke, really.  First I purchased this shower curtain


I bought it for $10 at Ross with the intention of turning it into decorative pillow covers, but I threw it over my dining room table to get out the wrinkles and it morphed into my new table cloth instead.  I must say that L*O*V*E it. The above pic reflects its true color.  I call it Peacock Blue. I wish that all of my pics reflected this color correctly, because, sadly they don’t.  I’m not sure why.  Hmm.  Anyway…when I brought my Fall décor in and threw my regular Autumn flower pot in the center of the table…magic happened.

Peacock and Orange

I admit that I had to manipulate the hue in order to get the true Peacock Blue for the above image.  It looks a bit oranger than it should.  But I still love the color combo.  More pics

Peacock Blue and Pumpkin Pie Orange…my new favorite Autumn color duo.



What colors are you crushing on this Fall?


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20 thoughts on “Autumn Colors: Peacock and Pumpkin

  1. Love those colors! I’ve been seeing the blue/teal incorporated into fall colors a lot this year and it looks great along with the classy white pumpkins too.
    Thanks for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty link party.


  2. Very pretty! I’ve been using black and white with a little purple and orange this year. Peacock and pumpkin is one of my all time favorite combos though! Thanks for sharing at The Creative Circle.


  3. I was in a wedding in 1967 in these colors…The golden pear color and the peacock. The flowers were all fall mums and orange daisies. It was quite avant garde for the time…but gorgeous. I couldn’t help but think of the gorgeous brocade peacock blue dress I wore. Thanks for the reminder, and have fun with your color scheme.


  4. Maybe people don’t realize (or recognize) that orange and blue are complementary colours. My former neighbour had an artistic eye. She painted the trim of her white house navy and orange. The new owner painted one (only one) of the orange pieces pink – her favourite colour. Each to their own.
    I would like to paint my house the orange colour of Kraft macaroni and cheese. I don’t know if even blue trim would help it find favour with neighbouring Philistines!


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