Medication Organization Made Easy

A huge part of having a beautiful home is having an organized home.  A place for everything and everything in its place.  You can have the most beautiful furniture and décor, but if it is cluttered by stuff and stuff and stuff, you will not notice the beauty.  That is why every so often I like to share organizing tips.  An organized home is way easier to keep clean than a disorganized home.  An added bonus is the stress that is saved from having to search high and low for items you need.

Years ago I kept all of our medications in a couple of plastic boxes above the freezer.  I had 5 little children at the time and wanted to keep meds out of reach.  Whenever I needed a med of any kind, I had to search through both boxes to find what I needed.  It was more than a little frustrating.  I then organized the 2 boxes by making wooden inserts that divided the boxes into sections and that worked better, but stuff would still overflow into other sections.

After my children got a little older we moved into a bigger place with lots of kitchen cabinetry and that is when I created my meds organization system that we have now used for the past 7 years.  There’s no going back now.  This will be the way I organize them forever more:


Basically, I just got some sturdy dollar store bins, labeled them with vinyl (I love my Roland Stika vinyl cutter!) and then separated everything into appropriate bins.  I’ll admit that I don’t even try to keep each bin orderly.  They are small enough that I can easily find what I need.


If you don’t have a vinyl cutter, no biggie.  Just print out your medical category using your computer, a fun font and your printer and tape it on with clear tape or make a sturdier tag to attach.  Heck, you can even grab a sharpie and handwrite it.  The point is to label the bins for your family’s specific needs, throw them in a cabinet, closet, drawer…wherever you have the space, and forget about it.  At least until the next medical need arises.

Done and done!


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