Kicking It Up a Notch: A Cabinet Re-do Using Kick Plates


Don’t you just LOVE this old cabinet?



It’s an old redwood cabinet that is solid as a rock and weighs about as much as my car.  It stands about 7 feet tall and 5 feet wide and, since my house doesn’t have a pantry, currently serves that purpose.  This thing holds a full metric ton of stuff, I swear.  Maybe more.  Problem was, it looked beat up and had few too many holes and no real door pulls to speak of.  See?


I figured out that I would have to spackle and fill until the cows came home until I happened upon a solution in my local Lowe’s hardware store:

Gatehouse 3.5-in x 15-in Aluminum Aluminum Entry Door Push Plate
Gatehouse 3.5-in x 15-in Aluminum Aluminum Entry Door Push Plate

Are you thinking what I was thinking?  Genius, right?  I bought 2 of these for $7.27 each and headed down to the cabinet pulls and knobs aisle and picked up some nice big, pulls.  With some basic tools like a power drill/driver, and about 30 minutes of my time, this is what I got:


Oh, yeah.  Did I forget to mention that I painted the piece before installing the hardware?   The color is really similar to the original shade of gray.  I basically mixed several latex paint colors that I already had until I said, “Yep, that’s it” and slapped it on.  Seriously.  If you think that painting is hard and time consuming…you…are…wrong.  Sorry, I hope that wasn’t too harsh.  This piece took me maybe 30 minutes total painting time (not counting drying time) to paint.  It is not rocket science.  Easy-peasy, puddin’ and pie.  This is an old piece so I didn’t want it to look new.  I think the dents and cracks and area where the chunks of wood just splintered off add character.

So, whaddya think?  I must say that I love it!  It still fulfills the same purpose, but with a heck of a lot more style.


So, is your mind reeling with ideas of how to use Kick Plates in your home?  What about adding them to some dresser drawers?  Maybe even an actual door?  These babies come in several sizes and finishes.  What about lining up two or three of them, mounting them on the wall and making a magnet message board (just make sure the particular finish you use is magnetic),  or one per child for hanging their artwork?

Why don’t you take a trip to your local hardware store.  You never know what treasures might be found there.


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14 thoughts on “Kicking It Up a Notch: A Cabinet Re-do Using Kick Plates

  1. How clever – I love these handles – they are absolutely perfect on this piece. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonder how the men that work at hardware stores are liking women invading their territory? lol. I had a guy at a thrift store say hubs would have to sand something I’d just purchased then paint it, I informed him i’d be doing the dirty deed and he was flabbergasted. I asked why, he told me that was men’s work, oh no, not these days. Told him (smiling of course) he’d better get with new program. I told him about all the things bloggers do without any help from their hubs. He told me next time he’d keep his mouth shut. I responded that this time of year especially since flies were out. lol When I go in there now he stays away from me. Poor guy. I get some head shakes from older guys at our Ace hardware store.
    I love your cabinet so wish I could find one like that. The paint job sure made it shine and the door handles with kick plates makes it even prettier, good job taking chance to do something different, it’s awesome.
    Happy week


  3. Such a cute cabinet and I love the kick plate idea – genius! Featured at Be Inspired this morning. Thanks so much for sharing Sharilee!


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